The Random Life on the Road

Many people ask me how I do it, how a life pounding the road is suitable.  For 3 years I flew over three hundred thousand miles (that is more than the distance from the earth to the moon and I plan on stopping no time soon).  I got laid off and got a desk job, which I quit after a year.  The people I worked with were wonderful, yet, there was a certain aspect of daily grind which I could not cope with.  People ask me why do you do what you do?  Well, it’s all about the people, the change, and the non-standard life on the road.  I get to visit magnificent places that people only dream of.  Take dream vacations with my girlfriend that cost most people many thousands of dollars… for only a few hundred.  I get to hop on a plane on Monday morning, be in a different city by midday most of the time, and enjoy the places I go.  I have had a few friends in my lifetime (including my co-editor and content contributor) who understand and love this lifestyle.  Mr. Moening has even less of an “address” than I do and keeps his home, and his lifestyle mobile.   However, I need to address the fact that I am grateful.  As much as I may complain about occasional service issues or problems on the road, I have a unique lifestyle which many can not afford to have.  I love where I am at, and I am completely grateful for everyone who joins me to live vicariously, puts up with my occasional complaining, and supports me while I do what I love.

From 35,000 feet