British Airways Galleries First LHR Terminal 5

The BA Galleries First lounge in London Heathrow is always a real treat when traveling. I have gotten so used to hanging around in domestic airline lounges during my travels that when I get the opportunity to go and review an international first-class lounge I get a bit giddy in anticipation of premium booze.

The Galleries First lounge is different than the BA Concorde room which is only accessible with a first-class ticket on a BA flight. That being said, from what I have heard, while the Concorde room is a wonderful place to be and very secluded the Galleries First lounge offers many of the same amenities.

Scotch Tasting Month

The Lounge

The lounge is spacious and well laid out. When I arrived the lounge was pretty much empty with plenty of seating available to wait for my flight to Dublin.

Liquor Selection

Liquor Selection

The liquor selection at the Galleries First lounge is all free pour liquor and pretty top-shelf. I was excited to see Johnnie Walker Blue label as well as some very unique single malt scotches as part of the selection.

Champagne Bar

In addition to the hard alcohol, the lounge had a wonderful walk up champagne bar which was also free pour. They had several different kinds of Champagne to chose from all of which were quite tasty. I am by no means an expert in wine.

Secondary Champagne Bar

The lounge does offer massage services and spa services as part of the experience, however, I booked my ticket pretty last minute and there was no availability for these services on walk-up. It is highly recommended that you make an appointment if you have a business or first-class ticket booked in advance. If you would like to find out how to book a spa service please see the Elemis Spa page.

Overall, BA does a wonderful job with their lounges. Are they the best in the world? No, however, for being well supplied, spacious, and having quite the fair number of amenities it is worth the time to stop by if you can.