The Brazen Head Pub Dublin

There are many old pubs in Ireland. The Brazen Head pub in Dublin claims to be the oldest pub in Ireland, established in 1198. What kind of reviewer would I be to not visit one of the oldest drinking establishments in Ireland?

When I went out to Dublin it was the middle of January. The local tradition in Dublin for when the weather is that cold is to bounce from pub to pub drinking to warm yourself up. Between the Irish coffees and Guinness’ I enjoyed on the way to the Brazen Head I already knew that my afternoon was starting off correctly.

The Brazen Head is located right along the River Liffey in downtown Dublin. They do have an outdoor seating area which at the time due to the weather was unoccupied. I was not about to be the first person to give that a shot either, so I went inside for a pint and a bite to eat.

Beef and Guinness Stew with a cold pint of the black stuff

The food was delicious. The stew was flavorful and you could tell that it was made with a lot of care and time. The beef just fell apart with a fork. The stew also included carrots, onions, and a great helping of champ mashed potatoes. To top it off a nice cold pint of Guinness was the perfect way to warm up and get my energy back from walking around all day.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

What better way to finish up a great lunch than with a beautifully presented Irish Coffee. It had just the right amount of Jameson, Baileys, and Coffee to create a wonderful end to a meal.

The Brazen Head Pub has been around since 1198 for a good reason. It is not only a good place to go grab a pint and spend time with friends. The food is fantastic with a feeling of being at home in your mom’s kitchen. If you get the opportunity to stop by I would highly recommend it!